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Don't miss out Sales with Bing

Many agencies and businesses overlook Bing Ads as a valuable sales channel, and unfortunately, this means missing out on potential sales.


StatCounter shows Bing's Dominance is Growing

December saw a significant increase in Bing searches, jumping from 6.95% in November to 7.75%. This rise begs the question: Could this start a market shift? This intriguing question compels us to pay attention and explore further the potential implications of Bing's expanding market presence.

Market Shift

While Google undeniably reigns as the dominant force in the search engine realm, Bing's recent growth and potential market shift cannot be overlooked. With the introduction of GPT to Bing, there is a strong possibility that its market share will continue to rise, taking it away from Google.


Harnessing the Power of Bing for Paid Campaigns

In the current US market, Bing and Yahoo collectively hold a 9.64% market share in overall searches, according to Statcounter. A well-defined strategy in this channel is crucial as it has significant importance.


Upon analyzing the data closely, we can uncover some intriguing insights. Many Google searches originate from mobile phones, often categorized as discovery searches.

When implementing paid campaigns, our primary focus lies on the lower funnel, targeting individuals actively seeking the product or service for purchase. This approach not only drives more sales and returns on our advertising spend during the initial stages of the campaigns but also allows us to incorporate upper funnel strategies as we progress gradually.

If we carefully analyze the data, it shows that Bing and Yahoo account for 19,71% of desktop searches. This represents a significant shift compared to the overall and mobile searches, and it is no longer an option to ignore the potential of leveraging this. It is now a necessity.


If you haven't developed a well-defined marketing strategy for this platform, you leave potential sales on the table. This statistic represents one-fifth of all searches in the US, emphasizing the importance of leveraging Bing's potential.

Moreover, Bing's lower cost-per-clicks can be attributed to less competition and a higher buying power than Google's user base.



Bing is no longer just an afterthought; it has become an essential channel that must be included in your marketing strategy. By utilizing Bing, you can drive sales with a lower cost per conversion and significantly enhance your overall marketing strategy.

Furthermore, Microsoft Bing has introduced a convenient feature that allows us to effortlessly import our successful Google Ads campaigns and Merchant Center products directly into Bing. This not only enables us to replicate our profitable campaigns on Bing but also allows us to expand our reach and elevate our performance to new heights.

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